Saturday, January 7, 2017

I read my comments

Welcome to 2017.   I have nothing new to talk about, except that I read through my whole blog today.   I'm actually kind of sad right now because it's been such a long time since I've done anything horrible worth writing about.  I also read the comments on my blog.  I never have before.  Some of it is spam, obviously, and other comments are invitations to Jesus, but some of the rest are just priceless.  I've been missing out!  I guess this is one benefit of having a blog online for a few years:

"Amazed to read your blog ..............Funeral programs to
memorial programs are gaining popularity because they provide
grievers with another way of memorializing"

"My 10 year old cousin read this story in front of his mother while he was eating."

"I...I don't want to live on this earth any longer."

"Beautiful and inspiring! I have played with roaches in cunt and ass many times! we seem to have common ground here!"

"I don't usually advocate this kind of thing, but in some cases 'chemical castration' or some other libido-killing drug might make a world of difference for you"

"I've been waiting for a girl like you. I want to insert those maggots inside of you."

"this just turned me asexual."

"I had scabies once, caught it from a kitten outside... Nasty little buggers that come alive at night and bite the shit out of you. Learned my lesson, don't pick up stray kittens."

"you sick fuck, try and get some fucking help."

"I really hope you and your kind die in a firebomb. Sad thing is.. I wouldn't even know if it did happen."

"I masturbated to this"

"how is being chinese worse than being a rapist?"

"This is why ISIS bombs people."

"Blowfly, i will fuck maggots with you if want to do it togehter. Any Time"

"I'm glad that you're doing well. Please don't do any more of these things they sound dangerous xx"


  1. I honestly like hearing about your life like how you have been doing with your job and social life than I do with the perversions. I hope you can achieve happiness and know that you have someone rooting for you.

  2. You keep doing what you want. You are your own person. An awesome person.

  3. Hey, long time reader, first time commenter. Your stories and rants have always resonated with me, and you have taught me a lot about myself sexually and psychologically. I learned to accept that it's OK that I'm also such a self-depraving sexual deviant, and that times are also tough out of the bedroom (or dumpster) when it comes to finding the right person or even being motivated to pursue success. Always here for you, and available to talk anytime if you ever just feel down and out :)

  4. "How is being Chinese worse than being a racist?" Honestly the best thing I've read in a while, some of the threads of comments under these posts are gold. The content itself on this blog, well; it's unlike anything I've ever seen before. I'm intrigued, albeit disgusted at the same time. I hope 2017 treats you well. Though it certainly doesn't turn me on, it doesn't disgust me as much as I thought it would when my friend quoted a piece of your first maggot story.

  5. Really glad you are doing ok. I too like hearing about your life. I hope your cat is good. I love them. I have one too and he's getting older.

  6. Oh shit! I missed your post by like, a month.

    Well, I'm glad to see that you're still alive, because I do check this blog occasionally just to see. On the one hand, I'm happy that you seem to be doing better; but on the other hand, I'm sad that you don't have anything to write about either..

    Keep it up, though. C:

    1. And, like others have said before me, I actually really like hearing about the mundane details of your life.

  7. Out of curiosity, is this the Only sort of thing that gets you off? - Curious Commiserator

  8. I would do maggots with you anytime, too. And i have crazy thoughts like you. Nice to see a sign of life - I have been following you for years

  9. I discovered your 1st, now legendary, story just yesterday and I just wanted to tell you I found your writing skills are great, I'm not even an English native speaker but almost every post in your blog is able to make me "see" yourself doing your things either indulge in your fetishes or going out with a guy, you should really try to write a full book... Greetings from Italy (please do your best to watch out for your health, there's no need to die for a bunch of orgasms...)

  10. you're really damaged, but i guess it's better to deal with you thirsy of self destruction like that rather than actually killing yourself or others. that being said, i hope you get some help. i havent read a lot but you dont seem to be happy. and that euphoric feeling you perversions give you is you know, fleeting. that being said, i believe this is fiction, but still, yeah really gross, lol. you should find a guy as gross as you, and there's the internet, so yeah, go find him and be gross self hating and disgusting together.

  11. I read your blog today and first of all let me tell you that I'm not here to judge you or anything. I don't have the right to call you sick and I guess no one else does because whatever you did, you did ityourself, your own body, you didn't hurt anyone, didn't cause pain to anyone. It's just that I really don't under why you did that? Whenever I read such stuff, I wonder what types of mind we humans have? What are we capable of doing. I hope you are doing good in life. Hope you are healthy and fine. Take care. And please don't do anything that will led to death or make you suffer.

  12. Hi Blowfly girl, I recently came across your blog and I'm curious as to what happened after the events of your first maggot experience. You mention as the end that you went into hospital, but that was it. What happened when your parents found you? And what was your hospital experience like? I'm really curious as to how you could have survived that experience, and if you don't mind sharing i would be interested in hearing about what damage may have happened as a result and what the doctors reactions were. I can't stop thinking about what direction your life took after that, health wise and in terms of your relationship with your family. If you feel like writing an account of what happened after the events of the first story (you mention at the end the physical consequences you saw when you decided to look at what was going on 'down there' and you mention hospital and your parents finding you, but that's where it ends) I am sure lots of us would love to hear about it. I hope you are doing well by the way, and I think you should feel unashamed of your desires, as looking at these comments, there seems to be people who share your experiences and as long as you are happy and not hurting anyone, I don't see why you should feel bad. Sending you lots of love Xxx

  13. I love your ability to capture sensory details with the written word. You're so good at it that people have incredibly visceral responses. It's not even the content of your posts that repulses them, but the vividness of your imagery.

    You have inspired me to start writing again. I don't even care what you blog about subject-wise, just please keep writing!

  14. I wish there was some decent maggot porn out there that I could fap to, I couldnt find any, so had to make my own in photoshop. The combination of something sexy with something so hideous is so erotic.

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  16. I posted a whole lot of replies to that first maggot story, writing is my way to cope with my own emotions.

    You don't have to write worm porn to interest people and get attention, it will simply attract different people. If someone only cares about the porn, they're not much of a friend.

    Well, I'm glad you're alive. I saw pictures of dicks rotting off from gangrene, so... take care and I wish you well.

  17. I read this whole page before your story, and it didn't seem like the worse by comparison.

    "Doctors/nurses/redditors, what has been your most gory, disgusting or worst medical experience?"

    A drug addict injecting drugs between her vagina and ass got a huge infected abscess that poured out litters of rotten poop puss stench all over doctors, in their shoes, making nurses run out.

    A guy mistaking a huge gonorrhea ball for his lost jolly ranchers (used to cover up the stench of her vagina) and biting into it with a juicy pop feeling. The whore cheated on him.

    A senile obese woman who stole someone chips, dipped it in her dripping vagina juices, and ate them happily in front of a nurse.

    A family who abandoned their elderly mother in the basement, covered in her shit, with cockroaches in her vagina, and not because it aroused her.

    It's a mad house out there... at least you were just trying to make yourself happy without hurting anyone else in the process.

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  19. Hate comments are the best. I am very confrontational myself. I am a big fan of yours & I assure you that I am no troll. After checking to see if anybody else had a maggot kink, I was brought to some normie's talking about you on Youtube. I am sick of these twerps reading these things I like & then saying apologies that amount to "well I never. How could anybody... Just makes me sick". Rather than an add for any project I plan to do, how would you like to read your story & give your thoughts online? If not, would you mind if I do? I am not just sympathetic to your kink, I'm also a memb... That joke fails. I masturbate with maggots occasionally myself. I would love to befriend like-minded people so just let me know if you are interested. If not, that is fine too. Loves, Yasmine.

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  21. You really should post more than like once a year.

  22. Hi, thank you very much for sharing all your stories, this is so interesting u remind me of myself in some ways

  23. Hi honey, I hope you're doing well. I've found your blog yesterday and I'm simply addicted! We're so alike. I don't find you disgusting, totally the opposite, I wish that I could talk to you, befriend with you. It's creepy, I know, but for me your're precious just the way you are. Kisses from Brazil and stay safe XOXO <3

  24. Seriously it's October now. What's going on? How are you doing?

  25. i have many more maggot exsperiances hundreds of hours letting them eat my ass out crotch boiling with thousands of hungrey maggots feels awsome just remain still and they feed i get off and they keep eating starts to hurt . its best to relax if i try to move they get shook up and then it really hurts so i remain still . i like to tie myself down in recliner so i cant escape easy done this for 20 years