Saturday, January 7, 2017

I read my comments

Welcome to 2017.   I have nothing new to talk about, except that I read through my whole blog today.   I'm actually kind of sad right now because it's been such a long time since I've done anything horrible worth writing about.  I also read the comments on my blog.  I never have before.  Some of it is spam, obviously, and other comments are invitations to Jesus, but some of the rest are just priceless.  I've been missing out!  I guess this is one benefit of having a blog online for a few years:

"Amazed to read your blog ..............Funeral programs to
memorial programs are gaining popularity because they provide
grievers with another way of memorializing"

"My 10 year old cousin read this story in front of his mother while he was eating."

"I...I don't want to live on this earth any longer."

"Beautiful and inspiring! I have played with roaches in cunt and ass many times! we seem to have common ground here!"

"I don't usually advocate this kind of thing, but in some cases 'chemical castration' or some other libido-killing drug might make a world of difference for you"

"I've been waiting for a girl like you. I want to insert those maggots inside of you."

"this just turned me asexual."

"I had scabies once, caught it from a kitten outside... Nasty little buggers that come alive at night and bite the shit out of you. Learned my lesson, don't pick up stray kittens."

"you sick fuck, try and get some fucking help."

"I really hope you and your kind die in a firebomb. Sad thing is.. I wouldn't even know if it did happen."

"I masturbated to this"

"how is being chinese worse than being a rapist?"

"This is why ISIS bombs people."

"Blowfly, i will fuck maggots with you if want to do it togehter. Any Time"

"I'm glad that you're doing well. Please don't do any more of these things they sound dangerous xx"