Sunday, April 24, 2016

It's April 24, 2016. I posted something.

I started my Blowfly Girl blog here mostly because of the feedback I got when I shared that first experience I had with maggots.  I posted that first story first on my Geocities page (yes, that long ago).  So many people had things to say to me, whether curious, concerned, disgusted, or extremely erotic, that I wanted to keep posting whenever I did anything interesting.   That's where this blog came from.  I'm an extremely shy introverted girl who found a way to share my dark side.  Also, to be honest, just hearing from people who found my experiences erotic has been extremely erotic for me too. 

But It's been a long time.  Perhaps I've changed as I've gotten older.  Ironically, I fantasize now about doing things to myself that are more extreme than anything I ever did for real, but I've lost the courage (with exceptions) to actually do them.  And I wonder if people are interested in hearing anymore from an approaching-middle-aged woman instead of the nicely-plump, horny and pervy young girl I was who wrote that about that first experience.  I don't know, maybe I'm wrong.  I can be very self-conscious.  

Anyway, this blog isn't dead.  Not yet, anyway.  I'll continue posting depending on what my readers email me about.  I've learned that for sure that not many people are interested in my job, my dating fails, or my cat, though I'll happily complain about any of them upon request.

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