Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I’ve been asked to come back to a job that I got fired from a couple years ago, can you believe it? It was the perfect job, too. I was doing transcription and office work for an attorney who paid me really well and let me work in the office alone if I wanted. I set my own hours and usually worked overnight. But now I have a dilemma. I’m not sure if I can take the job back.

The reason is sort of because of an email I got a couple of weeks ago from a woman who said, “Your stories got me hotter than anything I have ever read,” and gave me a link to a story for me to read. It’s called “Julie’s Slide into Depravity”. Well, I knew about that one already. It’s one of my all-time favorite porn stories, although it’s a lot more violent than I like, and the author made Julie way too young. Even so, there’s a part of the story with maggots, and it ended up being was one of the things that made me start thinking about maggots myself. Anyway, the email reminded me about the “Julie” story and I ended up reading it again.

There’s another part of the story where Julie is forced to pick up piles of dog shit off the ground and stuff them into her vagina. Since I’m a sick, perverted pig, I find that idea extremely erotic, and I’ve had experiences with dog shit too. But I was thinking about the story while I was in the city Wednesday last week dropping off a costume I made a long time ago for a co-worker who’s doing community theater. After I left her place, I got a little lost and ended up driving through an alley to turn around. I saw a whole bunch of dog turds scattered along the base of a building and around a garbage dumpster. So, of course, I couldn’t help myself. I drove around the block and came back to the alley, found a plastic Jewel bag in the dumpster, and collected all of the dog shit in the bag.

I have difficulty controlling myself sometimes when I get really horny, no surprise. I found a dark area to park the car in a viaduct under the Ravenswood ‘L’ tracks, pulled my jeans down, and started pushing dog shit into my vagina. It smelled horrible. The turds were all different sizes and colors so it was probably from different dogs. Some of it was kind of messy and some was all hard and dried up, but I kept putting more and more shit inside me. I didn’t stop until it hurt. It made me cum really hard. My tummy was quivering after the orgasm. Then I put my pants back on and drove home. I carried the shit around in my vagina, constantly horny, humping the furniture and fingering myself to orgasm on and off until Thursday afternoon, when I needed to end my depraved little dog shit adventure, clean up, and go to work.

By this past weekend I had a really itchy rash between my legs and discharge from my vagina, and it felt like it was getting worse and worse until finally, on Monday, once I’d already scratched my crotch raw, I realized that I had a ton of tiny little white worms inside and all around my vagina. Again, because I’m a sick, perverted pig, that made me immediately horny all over again and I had to make myself cum despite the itching, before I went to the ER Monday night to get seen.

The doctor who looked at me said I had pinworms. He said that it’s rare to get a vaginal infestation of pinworms, but he’d seen it before. Of course, I pretended to be totally baffled how they got there as I was picturing a bunch of diseased, stray dogs shitting in an alley. He gave me a prescription for something called Vermox to get rid of the worms and Benadryl for the itching, and today I’m almost back to normal. A few scabby spots from all the scratching.

So anyway, the point of telling the story is that this was the second time in four months that I’ve gone to the ER (last time was for scabies). My insurance through work is covering both visits almost completely. Knowing me, I’ll be back there again. And that’s my dilemma. My current job is paying me $10.50/hr to stock shelves at night and I have health benefits. The hours suck, the work sucks, the pay sucks, but if I go back to my old job I’ll lose my insurance. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet.


  1. I stopped and googled that story and found it on gurochan, then read most of it as a warm-up before the rest of your post because I knew this was going to make for a mindblowing orgasm. That was a pretty awesome story, though it got a little wacko with the ticks. It's even more extreme than just about anything I've ever come across. The thought of a woman's fingers covered in dog shit is very pornographic. I love watching and reading about animal scat, and this is the best bit of storytelling I've read since... well, since the last time you wrote about stuffing dog shit in your vagina lol!

    Good that you're OK. I had a small infection of pinworms in my feces once. I spotted one just as I was about to rub my cock with a handful of my own shit. Yikes! Never lost an erection so fast in my life lol.

  2. I think in this day in age, health insurance is extermely important, self-harmer or no self-harmer.

    Coincidentally, I'm working night shift stocking shelves myself, for $10.97/hr plus insurance. I'm looking for a day job to augment it that can fit my night schedule. If I were in your dilemma, I'd try to work something out so I could have both jobs. Didn't you say you can set your own hours?

  3. Yeah, Or with your new job, since it pays much better, maybe you could enlist some private health insurance plans or something since you'd have better cash flow

    Your one class act ^^ Love reading about your escapades. I still read them when I'm feeling like I need somthing truely deliciously disgusting, and even though I've read them all a bunch, still never dissapointed <3

    Hang in there!

  4. very nasty poor girl how humiliating having to go to the doctors about this. But its ggod that you did

  5. What on earth is wrong with you woman? You need help. You don't stuff dog shit in your pussy. You write in a blog and you have awesome writing skills. But you go and stuff dog shit and maggots in your pussy. What the fuck is wrong with you?

  6. I had scabies once, caught it from a kitten outside... Nasty little buggers that come alive at night and bite the shit out of you. Learned my lesson, don't pick up stray kittens.

  7. I love filling my pussy with dog shit and then just not clean it out any more. I have been collecting dog shit from receptacles around my neighborhood and filling my pussy up at least once or twice a week. I love the stench from between my legs. The stronger my pussy smells the more turned on I get.

  8. I love filling my pussy with dog shit and then just not clean it out any more. I have been collecting dog shit from receptacles around my neighborhood and filling my pussy up at least once or twice a week. I love the stench from between my legs. The stronger my pussy smells the more turned on I get.